5 Signs Your Office Space Needs Electrical Work

The success of your business depends on how well your facility operates. For instance, if your electrical system stops working or creates a hazard in the workplace, it can disrupt your business, leading to lost revenue. Read these signs and decide if you need electrical work. It also leads to a lack of client confidence in your ability to deliver quality products or services. 

So, if you notice problems with the electrical system in your home, office, or business, address them right away. Contact a certified electrician in Lakewood, Colorado, to perform an inspection and restore your electrical system to normal.

1. Tripping Circuit Breakers

It’s normal for a circuit breaker or fuse to trip occasionally due to the ongoing activity in the workplace. If it happens regularly, you may need to schedule an electrical inspection to identify the root of the problem. Turning the breaker on every time it trips doesn’t solve the problem. Instead, it increases the risk of electrical hazards at your facility.  

Contact an electrician in Lakewood if you notice these and you need electrical work for other chronic issues:

  • Overloading of circuits and fuses
  • Circuit shorted to the land
  • Wounded or twisted inner wirings
  • Varying voltage levels

A certified electrician can diagnose the issue and perform an electrical repair, minimizing electrical hazards because of short circuits in an office.

2. Sparks

When you plug in an electrical device or appliance, electricity transfers from the outlet to the electrical device. A rapid draw on available power occurs, resulting in a brief spark.  A tiny spark is normal if you practice safety when plugging in electrical devices; there should not be a problem.

If you notice chronic sparking or a large burst of sparks in the office, it could signify a problem with a wiring connection, damaged wires, or a damaged electric panel. An electrician uses advanced equipment to locate the source of the spark and fix the electrical component. 

So, if you observe a problem with sparking, contact an electrician instead of fixing the problem yourself. 

3. Flickering Lights

Flickering lights may signify a loose electrical connection in your system. Flickering occurs due to a reduction or a fluctuation in total household voltage that results in the lights dimming for a moment. Abrupt changes in voltage from low to high can damage electronics and, in rare cases, cause an electrical fire.

Flickering lights can lead to

  • Higher electrical bills
  • Headaches
  • Vision problems
  • Reduced productivity

A licensed electrical contractor can diagnose the issue to provide efficient solutions. It is especially important if the flickering occurs in more than one room or with multiple circuits. You may have an issue with your cable connections or power source that needs immediate attention.

4. Buzzing Noise

Electrical wires come to lose all the time. While this often happens in older homes, it can also happen in homes built just a few months ago. As the wires come loose, this allows them to vibrate, which results in the buzzing sound you hear. The older your home, the more likely it is that the cause of the buzzing is loose wires.

It is normal to hear a buzzing sound coming from your breaker. However, if that sound gets louder and louder, it is a good indication that the breaker is not operating correctly. The buzzing can occur when it puts out too few or too many amps. The best way to end the problem is often to replace the malfunctioning breaker.

5. High Electric Bill

Problems with wiring can cause electricity leakage in many ways. The continual cycle of freezing and thawing soil can cause rocks to puncture underground wiring if you live in an area with cold winters. It happens all the time in northern climates. Bare wiring for a water pump can short out when it contacts the metal pipe.

Check your attic and crawl space for frayed and damaged wiring. Many conditions can cause it, but a wild animal chewing on the wires is one extremely common example. Damaged wiring can cause the connected appliance to heat up and consume extra electricity. A situation like this immediately requires an animal control professional and a licensed electrician.

Schedule Electrical Repair in Lakewood, Colorado

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Frequently Asked Questions About Electrical Repair in Lakewood, Colorado

How do I know if I have electrical problems?

If you notice dimming lights, a burning smell, buzzing sparks, shorts, or frequently blown fuses, you have problems with your electrical system. If your home is 25 years old and hasn’t had routine maintenance, it’s time to get an electrical inspection.  Many of these problems are safety hazards. 

Why should I hire a professional electrician to perform an electrical repair?

A licensed electrician has the skill, training, knowledge, and equipment necessary to perform complex electrical jobs. 

By hiring a professional, you ensure that the electrical system meets building codes, prevent your insurance company from denying an accident claim and keep from voiding your home warranty. 

Last, you can feel confident that a professional electrician will perform the job properly. If you have a problem, we are ready to correct it. We stand behind our work with the best warranty possible.

How long do most electrical repairs take?

How long it takes to complete an electrical repair job depends on the nature and severity of the electrical problem. 

Tesla-licensed electricians work efficiently to minimize disruption. We also give you peace of mind with upfront pricing for any repair. You will never be surprised when you get the bill.  

We feel that this is the most upfront and transparent way to do business and provides the best customer service.

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